Welcome to the Southeast Ohio Project "Media Seeds"

The Media Seeds Project is a project of Journalism That Matters that is engaging in southeastern Ohio count(ies) to build capacity for communication, journalism and engagement in a media desert. A media desert is defined as a community that lacks access to fresh, local news and information. The project is an initiative of the Your Voice Ohio project, supported by the Jefferson Center and the Democracy Fund.

Project Director: Michelle Ferrier, associate professor, E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, Ohio University, ferrierm@ohio.edu.

Journalism That Matters is a 501(c)3, based in Seattle, Washington, that uses regional convenings to engage communities and their stakeholders and residents using dialogic practices to imagine local, civic communications that help communities to thrive.

We expect to hone:
  • Practices for equipping communities to engage
  • Training for communities and for journalists
  • Principles for civic communications, including journalism, that support communities to thrive
  • Seeding media innovations in media deserts

Project Team

Project Director, Dr. Michelle Ferrier, Ohio University; 740-593-0899.
Journalism That Matters Board Member, Linda Miller
Jefferson Center Staff, Andrew Rockway
Your Voice Ohio Project Lead, Doug Oplinger
Local Team: Dr. Laura Black, Ohio University

"May all who are different bring their unique gifts to the community and know they belong." -- Dawna Markova, Wide Open: On Living With Passion and Purpose.