Journalism That Matters Principles and Mission

Journalism That Matters catalyzes civic communications systems that contribute to vibrant democracy and thriving communities. We believe that journalism matters most when it is of, by, and for the people.

We are shifting our emphasis from journalism to civic communications recognizing that innovations rarely come from incumbents. While we believe journalism is essential to civil society, we expect that its reformulation as trusted and widely embraced will arise through experiments that bring elements at its heart together with other forms of communication to create something novel to meet the news, information, and interaction needs of civil society.

Civic Communications Framework.jpg
Civic Communications Framework.jpg

JTM also adopts the principles of the Your Voice Ohio Project in its work.

Our work is informed by the following principles:
  • Truth to Empower
    • We believe power resides with the people, particularly when they’re informed.
    • We will provide the information Ohioans need to help our audiences and communities make informed decisions, hold public officials and others accountable, and solve problems in their communities.
    • Our journalism will be based on authentic sources, keen editing, and strong fact-checking.
  • Engaged
    • We will actively engage and listen to our audiences and communities.
    • We will ask and empower citizens to participate in local journalism.
  • Inclusive
    • We will work to better engage and support people of color, LGBTQ Ohioans, immigrants, rural Ohioans, and others traditionally left out of dominant narratives and storytelling.
    • We will source information and produce journalism that reflects multiple, diverse perspectives.
    • We will assist underserved Ohioans in becoming stronger participants in the news process.
  • Transparent
    • We will be clear about our roles and missions in our communities.
    • We will clearly explain our processes, approaches to journalism, and how me make decisions.
  • Accountable
    • Our work will lead to clear impacts in our communities on behalf of our communities.
    • We will evaluate our work to ensure we’re having a positive impact in our communities.
  • Relevant
    • We will refine and tailor coverage to fit the specific needs of our audiences and communities.
    • We will produce stories through the eyes and with the voices of diverse Ohioans so that more Ohioans see themselves in the news.
  • Flexible
    • We will respond to new challenges and opportunities as they emerge, while remaining faithful to our principles.
  • Collaborative
    • We will seek opportunities to share our talents and resources to better serve Ohioans.